Envy Adam's/The Clash at Demon Head

Envy Adam's Singing


Natalie "Envy" Adams is the lead vocalist and keyboardist for the punk/rock band The Clash at Demon Head. This band is from Montreal and also includes bassist Todd Ingram and drummer Lynette Guycott. They are best known for their song Black Sheep with the band Metric providing the instumentals.

The Clash at Demonhead is named after a classic video game. Clash at Demonhead was a 1990 NES platformer. The name is also inspired by the classic punk rock band The Clash, which is the reason why "The" was added to the band's name.

These are fictional characters from a fictional band from the comic Scott Pilgram vs The World. Envy Adams is portrayed by Academy Award winning actress, musician, and songwriter Brie Larson in the movie adaptation. She is bringing the band to life with a real concert!

This concert is coming to life in 3 separate locations. You do not want to miss this first ever, one time tour! More info regarding dates, locations and ticket prices listed below.

Dates, Location and Cost

Dates and Location
Dates Location
AprColombus, OH
Cost of Tickets
There is a fee for each transaction. The fee is $0.99/each for groups of 5 or less and $0.49/each for groups more than 5.